The Beautiful In All Of Us…..

In a world where everything is about the next material item we can possess and how much money we have,  have we forgotten the essence of who we really are?  Do we measure our worth by what we own, where we live, what we drive?  Are we really just a sum of our ‘material parts’? In this crazy world we live in, it becomes more and more apparent the need to STOP – and smell the roses.  Literally.  Take time to see the beautiful in life and the beautiful in you.  Like in these paintings by the French artist Gerard Stricher.  Stunning.

Picture 1 copypicture 2 copy


One thought on “The Beautiful In All Of Us…..

  1. I here where your coming and what you say is very true , but I have to admit since I started my new Job working mout in such a remote place I do have a lot of time to think and look around and take in what a wonderful world we live in 🙂

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