Hey! Photo A Day May Is Here!

I previously posted on here about a great concept called photo a day. Each month the blogger who calls herself ‘Fatmumsim’ posts a list of prompts for each day of the the month for you to capture a photo of. You can do this on your phone or camera and share through all the social […]

A New Age Birth Certificate

I found this article on Icon Magazine.  They speak about the first official document in our lives, our birth certificate and how the design should be revisited to make it more interesting and visual.  What do you think? See the article here: http://www.iconeye.com/news/design-|-latest-stories/rethink-the-birth-certificate

Clever Recycling!

These days, people are being more clever with their money.  People are forced to rethink their spending.  But no cloud ever comes without a silver lining!  I think it has made us all a little more creative.  Instead of running out and buying everything new, a lot of people are choosing to look to the […]

Photo A Day

I came across Photo A Day through a friend on Facebook. It’s a great concept. Each month the blog’s creator Chantelle will reveal a list of daily prompts. All you have to do is use any camera you have iPhone, Smartphone, Digital, DSLR, Polaroid and use the daily prompt as inspiration. For example if the […]

The Great Gatsby

I am so excited to see this movie which premieres 10th May. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the millionaire Jay Gatsby in the adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Tobey Maguire plays the book’s narrator, Nick Carraway. Sounds like there is a great soundtrack too with Jay-Z involved in the production and artists like Florence […]