Photo A Day

Photo A Day

I came across Photo A Day through a friend on Facebook. It’s a great concept. Each month the blog’s creator Chantelle will reveal a list of daily prompts. All you have to do is use any camera you have iPhone, Smartphone, Digital, DSLR, Polaroid and use the daily prompt as inspiration. For example if the day one prompt is ‘peace’, Just take a photo of something that represents peace to you. It’s a fun idea and makes you take a little time each day to stop and take notice of what’s around you and be a little creative. There’s a community of photo-sharers that like and comment on each other’s photos. The singer Pink played along in June! You can share your photos on the community across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Blogs, Tumblr and more. You’ll probably see some posts from me on here from time to time. Enjoy!  Check it out at


The Great Gatsby

I am so excited to see this movie which premieres 10th May. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the millionaire Jay Gatsby in the adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Tobey Maguire plays the book’s narrator, Nick Carraway. Sounds like there is a great soundtrack too with Jay-Z involved in the production and artists like Florence & The Machine, Prince and Lana Del Rey. Here is a sneek peek of what we have to look forward to!

Design For Life

So I am currently studying Interior Design and I am always on the look out for the lastest design trends.  I have become obsessed with interior magazines and websites, scoping out what is new and exciting.  Here are some of my favorite finds of late.  The Instagram magnets and water colour world map are my must haves! What’s yours?

What’s At Steak!

I am an advocate for clean healthy eating (although I do have a weakness for baking!)  I believe that what we eat effects not only our physical body, but also our mental well being.  There is ongoing research into foods in our diet, but by no means are we finished and a lot more needs to be done.  I believe there is a link between food and disease that we are not even aware of yet and it will only become apparent in years to come.  In the mean time, I like to stick to the ‘one ingredient rule’ – anything that has a list of ingredients on the back, with numbers and names I’ve never heard of, I try to avoid!  One ingredient food brings us back to basics like the way our great grandparents and those before would have eaten; whole foods such as Fruit, Vegetables, Fresh Herbs, Nuts, Seeds, Fish, Eggs and Meat!  By cutting out processed foods, we we will significantly reduce the risk of some of the most common diseases plaguing our world like Heart disease, Diabetes and Cancer.  I have recently cut red meat out of my diet – a personal choice I know, but by the sounds of this article, a very good one…..happy healthy eating!